Can I Deduct Medical Expenses for My Child Who is Not a Dependent

There comes a time you need the services of a tax attorney. This is more particular when facing financial challenges related to tax issues. The attorney will help answer all your concerns from the IRS and other tax authorities. Rather than handling the problem alone, you should hire OC Tax Relief services to assist you. 

Below are the best ways to find a reputable IRS tax attorney

Know when you need a Tax Attorney 

Not all situations require an IRS tax attorney. However, tax-related issues are undisputable. Trying to deal with your outstanding tax debts will open an opportunity for more complex errors. This will definitely lead to penalization by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Therefore consider hiring OC Tax Relief services in the following situations:

  Get a reputable tax lawyer when filing estate tax returns or planning bigger for your taxable estate. 

  When starting a business. The attorney will provide legal advice on the tax structure of your business. If you run an international organization, then the tax expert can assist you with tax filing and contract issues.

  When facing criminal charges from the IRS. A tax attorney is also required when filing a suit against the Internal Revenue Service. 

  A highly experienced tax attorney is important when filing for an appeal over tax issues.

Get referrals

The best place to get referrals is from your accountant or bank. These important institutions definitely have contacts of good attorneys whom they know and trust. An expert well-known reputation is worth your time and money. You can also get referrals online. Check reviews over the internet if they have a website. This will give you a chance to see how people talk about their services. 


Any qualified tax attorney must have a Juris Doctor. This shows he or she is legally allowed to offer tax relief services. Also, credentials mean the expert is qualified and has attained the minimum requirements to practice law. Check this important credentials through your local bar association. If the attorney has a master’s degree in taxation, then consider it an added advantage.


Avoid jack of all trades type of attorney. A good tax attorney should on focus IRS issues. This means he or she is well conversant with the ins and outs of taxation law. Such kind of an attorney has better chances of winning a case in court. Once again, avoid attorneys who practice general law.

Sign an agreement

An agreement will ensure no future costs as you continue with the tax case. Discuss every detail with the attorney and put it on paper before taking your case any further. This is the only way to know an honest and transparent tax attorney.

If you have any tax-related issues, don’t struggle with it alone. At the OC Tax Relief, we always have your back. Give us a call today and leave the rest on us!