Arrested for DUI? Do This First

Your Next Steps

Don’t let your mistakes define your future. We’re the most trusted felony DUI attorney in Los Angeles because we help our clients get their lives back into their hands. DUI: it happens. One too many drinks and a pull over could mean hefty fines, jail time, and more. DUI’s don’t discriminate. You could be a family man, soccer mom, college grad, responsible business owner. But catch yourself in the wrong place at the wrong time, and suddenly you’re facing serious consequences. Maybe you’ve never been in trouble before. It’s hard to figure out what’s next after your DUI, especially when you’re still dealing with the stigma involved. That’s why your first move is to call a felony DUI attorney today.

Building Your Defense

We’ve handled thousands of cases just like yours, in and around Los Angeles. We know the justice system, and our combined years of experience means that you can rest easy knowing your case is in good hands. Don’t settle for a public defender. Hiring a personal attorney means that you get the attention and detail that you deserve. Carefully crafting your defense is key to avoid jail time, fines, and to qualify for expungement. As your DUI attorney, we’ll give your our undivided attention.

Forgiveness is Possible

The sooner you put your DUI conviction behind you, the sooner you can move forward. Having a felony can mean serious consequences, including losing the right to vote or travel. People with felonies often have a hard time getting a job or finding a place to live. If this is your first conviction, chances are, you don’t need to stress. With the help of an experienced felony DUI attorney, you can seek the expungement of your DUI charge from your record. That means you’ll begin again with a blank slate. If you have previous DUI convictions or a more complicated case, there are also options available. Our diversified portfolio of past clients and cases means we have the experience needed to minimize legal damage to your record.

Making the Right Choices After Your DUI

It’s normal to feel lost or helpless after receiving a felony DUI conviction. You are not alone. We’ve had the privilege of serving hundreds of clients with felony DUIs, helping them avoid fines, jail time, and even helping to have their records expunged. Don’t put your case into just anybody’s hands. Trust us as your felony DUI attorney in Los Angeles today.